Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Room, New Posters

Hey all, so I moved out of my old apartment (significantly -- statistically significantly -- less train noise now). I'm now in 8J1, but I'll post the complete new address soon.

For now, I wanted to let people see the new posters I have in my room. I apologize, they aren't entirely straight, but I was never really good at drawing straight should have seen me in all my art classes. I'm pretty sure I was worse than those kid drawings on that site (I forget the name, but they were real bad...).

Anyway, here are the pictures -- I'll post whole room pics when the room doesn't look like several boxes and suitcases vomited all over the place.


So first, T cell diversity. It's pretty important, so I got a poster from eBioscience.

Cytokines are also important in regulating various issues with our body.

The following three below represent three cool things about me:

1). Treg. I love these things. They basically prevent your body from undergoing inappropriate immune responses. So it's hypothesized that autoimmune diseases, allergies, and asthma are a result of messed up Treg. In cancer, it's hypothesized that Treg suppress the immune system from attack your cancerous cells

2). Wicked, the musical. Saw this in England, courtesy of the Bings (via an Overseas Seminar -- thank you, rich people who love to edumicate Stanford students!). It was great.

3). Flow cytometry. I would have a picture of the LSR II (a flow machine), but instead, I have a poster of the various fluorochromes that are used in flow cytometry. So basically, flow cytometry is a way for machines to analyze single cells. And you tag surface proteins of these cells with antibodies that fluoresce when excited by a laser shooting a beam at a specific frequency. Remember the whole electron excitation and then emission after losing energy? Yea, it's all based on that.

So the three above sit at the wall above my desk.

The next two below aren't really anything special, just more immunological networks and cytokines, though they're very important of course.

Okay, so the two down below are MASSIVE. They both are listings of all currently known human and mouse CDs (clusters of differentiation), which are basically surface and intracellular markers that identify cells. For example, T cells involved in fighting off infection can be CD4+ or CD8+, whichever marker they are will tell you how they fight off infection. Those handy-dandy Treg are CD4+CD25+ (and CD127- in humans). But yes, those posters span the entire wall lengthwise.

Okay, that's all folks. Thanks to eBioscience and Biolegend for the posters and thanks to Apollo Victoria Theatre for the Wicked poster.

Oh, and thanks to you all for reading =).


  1. Ok, now you need to find an LSRII poster. And let me know if you do, cuz I want one too. :)

  2. I'm not sure you needed the disclaimer. Most of us can probably figure that one out on our own. :P

  3. You know you're missing one though... =P

  4. I probably am missing one...but I don't think I want to torture myself trying to figure out what I'm missing. I still need to figure out where I put that musical terms poster from Bath, though.

  5. David! Haha, I have enjoyed reading all your commentary and looking (finally!) at your pictures - that toilet was perhaps the most terrifying.
    I approve of the posters, although your explanation of most of them went over my head :) Go figure!
    I especially love the Wicked poster - I loved that even in your room at Stanford!
    Last comment, I promise - I was so moved to see the Tmony picture on your desk - I'm going to miss you tons this year!

  6. gahhh!! you have a wicked poster!!! that's freakin' amazing :)