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Okay, this post is just going to be pictures. I'll try to update with some content later on. I will post descriptions below each picture because that's the easiest way for me to do this...I think. So it looks like Blogger is shoving my pictures one below each other. I think I just went in the order in which they're shown, so you can ignore some of the "top right, bottom left" business.

So before I show you all the fun stuff, let's take a look at our freezer, shall we? On the left here we have the freezer AFTER we cleaned it out. Tim and I found meat dating back to 2004 (my fingers accidentally typed "1004" at first...I wonder if that's a Freudian Slip). To the right is the bags of trash that came out of the freezer (we filled up the stuff on the left first, then moved towards the right). And yes, the bag on the right is a jumbo garbage bag. And that's just the freezer...the refrigerator was equally bad.

So for orientation, we are all assigned to small groups (these groups of people are the ones with whom I'll be cutting open cadavers in Gross Anatomy so it was good that we took the chance to get to know each other), and we were sent on a "photo hunt" in NYC. Stanford folks, think scavenger hunt minus the fact that you're unleashing 1600 frosh into the city that's completely unprepared for the coming tsunami...

In any case, my group had Times Square, Theater District, and we summarily found a SpongeBob SquarePants and we had to take a picture with him. Of course, since 4 out of 6 of us were Asian, we were also tempted to do the V for victory/Asian tourist peace sign/Asian photo hand sign, but instead, since our team name was "6pac/6pack," we opted instead to do the Chinese way of hand-signing the number 6.

Top right: a bakery somewhere in Times Square (I basically followed people around since they knew the area, and I tried my hardest not to get run over by a car, but thank goodness for "training" in China/Taiwan, where I firmly believe that traffic laws and individual lanes do not exist and where safe driving (to me) really means getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time possible while avoiding denting your car or getting hit by a car/bike/motorcycle/oncoming bus/train/etc. But I digress. I think I was talking about the bakery Magnolia Bakery, which is famous for its cupcakes. I forgot to take pictures on my camera (I have tons of food related pictures on my phone though, but I can't do Facebook mobile uploads...) but they're pretty good.

Actually, random tangent. Dessert shops/bakeries/good eateries abound here in New York. I was talking to my program director about this and she suggested that we (the MD/PhDs and anyone else who was interested) write reviews of desserts that we have eaten at local bakeries and such. She gave me several places to go check out, and it would be fun to play food critic for awhile, especially since I can bring back old high school phrases such as "winout, mediocre at best, random, Orientalism, pwn, own, etc.".

Bottom left, we went to the Marriot Hotel in Times Square and just rested in their lounge bar area, which had the fanciest bar collection I've ever seen (okay, maybe Mantra in Palo Alto was pretty good too). Of course, the bar was closed, but it would have been interesting to try one of their drinks at some point, given the heat and how much we were walking by that point.

Bottom right: view of Times Square from this place that has Steps on it.

So in Union Square there is this store called Max Brenner's that sells chocolate. And all things chocolate. And only all things chocolate. The "pizza" above is basically dough with chocolate stuff on it. There is a chocolate related body spa to it's right. The bottom left holds a bunch of different chocolates you can buy. And on the bottom right are "special" cups used for drinking hot chocolate (aka if you're looking to spend money somewhere 'cause you have too much of it, buy this stuff).

So I had dinner with Tina and Amy one night during the summer at this Greek restaurant called Persephone. Here's the dessert picture...there wasn't much to say about the other stuff :)

So this picture here is just a grilled cheese sandwich I made (with a frying pan no less). It's Mexican Cheddar though, which gave it a nice little kick :). Up on the top right is my ID and on the top left is my watch. The wood beneath the food is my desk :).

I made noodles, eggs, and veggies one night. That's not much else to say...

That's all the pictures I took, folks! I'm sure there are others somewhere on Facebook and Flickr and various other photo compilations, but I'll have to look for them later.

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